30th Birthday Party!

In the 7 years I have known my husband, we have never celebrated his birthday. Not one time. If you ask him, he would say he hates celebrating his birthday, doesn’t want a party, and doesn’t want gifts. I know..who doesnt want gifts, right? Well once we got married, I decided I was going to throw him a party any way…to celebrate the big 3-0.

After some brainstorming, I decided the only way to pull it off was to make it a surprise. My husband is a foodie at heart, so I made sure the house was filled with all his culinary favorites.

IMG_5573  The appetizer table had homemade veggie skewers, stuffed mushrooms, pita chips with hummus, olives and indian samosas. In the background I made a large collage of his childhood pictures to display.

IMG_5541 IMG_5539

We catered gyros from his favorite greek restaurant, Niko Nikos. The spread included gyro meat, pita bread, falafel, yellow rice and tzatziki sauce. YUM! Now I’m craving gyros!


The party also featured a fabulous dessert table with gold number balloons and white giant balloons.

IMG_5531 IMG_5522

The sweets were a white chocolate raspberry bundt cake, fruit in paper cupcake holders and mini cupcakes from CRAVE cupcakes in Houston.

IMG_5717 IMG_5780

The mini CRAVE cupcake toppers were customized to match the navy and black color scheme and were personalized with the number “30” and “Happy Birthday”.


One of our signature party features: Milk bottles with matching paper straws

IMG_5589        IMG_5553

A galvanized metal tub was used for bottled drinks – hubby’s favorite. A drink dispenser was an easy way to serve the famous Irma’s Lemonade.


The Keurig was a great way to serve coffee for the few guests who wanted it. Olive oil dispensers were used for the cream and sugar. I also made sure the K-cups were Dunkin Donuts (hubby’s favorite coffee).


Planning this party in secret was EXHAUSTING, but I am so thrilled with how everything came together. From the napkins to the custom cupcake toppers, everything came together perfectly! Now, to start planning for next year…

 -xoxo, Fify