July in CHICAGO!

As summer approaches, I wanted to share our visit to Chicago last summer.

When hubby’s cousin announced her 4th of July weekend wedding in the Chicago suburbs, we just knew we had to make a trip of it to see the city! With his college bff as our tour guide, we had a trip with a mix of the best touristy spots and A LOT of food.

Day 1:

First priority was good food. Our destination, Butcher & The Burger. We were all so busy eating that none of us took the obligatory foodie pic, but just trust me on this one..you won’t regret it!

After entering into a food coma, we decided to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Comfort Suites on Michigan Avenue. It was a great fit for us because we were only in the room to change clothes or sleep. The rooms were huge! Included a kitchen and a sitting area. Our room also had a great partial view of the river! Highly recommended!

11Our Michigan Avenue room with a view

Dinner reservations were for Girl & the Goat. Usually am unimpressed by restaurants with such high yelp reviews (am I the only one who finds yelp can be unreliable lately??) but wow..we loved this place! We could not find a dish we didn’t enjoy. The place was packed and we received great service. We would definitely go back on our next trip!

12We were so busy eating, the only pic I have is of the napkin! oops!

Day 2:

We had a very early start with plans to visit the Field Museum. I am personally not a huge fan of museums but I actually enjoyed this one. Lots of great exhibits! We arrived right when it opened which was the best decision ever. As we were leaving, the museum was packed with families and strollers. (Don’t get me wrong..there’s nothing wrong with families and strollers, but its just not my idea of fun to deal with on vacay.)


After exploring the museum, we headed to Rick Bayless’s XOCO for lunch. Yum, yum yum!! The food, drink and sweets were all delish!


Our evening plans included seafood and oysters at Kinmont followed by a laugh filled night at Second City. I’ve never been to a comedy club so I really wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but I loved their improv! So glad we checked it out!



Day 3:

After grabbing a dirty chai from Intelligensia, college bff’s gf and I had a spa day with mani/pedis and massages.


Then we met up the fellas and headed to the Navy Pier for the Architectural Boat Tour. This was another thing I was hesitant about at first, but so glad we went! The tour guides were entertaining and informative. Also some great photo-ops too!

6The skyline from the boat tour

On our last night in the city, our “tour guides” suggested Roka Akor for dinner. This place did not disappoint. Our table of 4 decided to do the Omakase Decadent meal. Basically a meal with 7-8 courses, with the most luxurious and creative dishes possible. From raw tuna to wagyu beef, this meal had it all! Our hearts were hurting just a bit after we saw the bill, but it was probably one of the best meals we ever had.


After dinner, we did a quick stop in Millennium Park to see the famous bean. I refused to leave Chicago without seeing it! It was after hours, and after about 5 mins we all (yes there were other tourists with the same brilliant idea too) were bombarded with flashlights and security asking us to leave. I didn’t get the best pics, but I was happy I got one without a ton of people in it.



We were sad to leave our friends and this fabulous city! Until next time Chicago!


What are your favorite Chicago spots??

xoxo – Fify