Superhero Birthday Party!!

When I heard my sister-in-law was planning to rent out a local water park for my nephew’s 3rd birthday, I just KNEW I had to be there to celebrate with him. Hubby and I booked our tickets to Southern Illinois and were ready to enjoy a relaxing poolside party. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans in mind – the forecast for the weekend was rain, rain and more rain. We entered PANIC MODE. With 60 people invited to this party and 3 days to go, we had to come up with a backup plan and fast. After a lot of phone calls to local venues and community centers, we came across a local gym that was available for the party.

First lets start with a few before pictures:


before      before

It wasn’t exactly what we had in mind but rain or shine, this kid was going to have a fabulous party. His mom and I warped into extreme party planners and with some creativity, a few moon bounces and A LOT of balloons (almost 400), we were able to transform the gym into an amazing super hero soiree.


kids table

The party was super hero themed. All the kiddos were asked to trade in their swim suits for the favorite super hero attire.  Since the birthday boy loves Spider-Man and Batman, the color scheme was blue, red and black with yellow accents. We decided that a large center table with a mix of giant balloons and balloon bouquets would be a perfect focal point.

 kids table

 Giant moon bounce obstacle courses were strategically placed in the back corners to cover the un-finished walls

kids table

The birthday boy got a special seat at the head of the table with a giant gold 3 balloon.

capes and favor bags IMG_9560

At the main table, each kid was welcomed with their own superhero cape (thank you dollar tree!) and a goodie bag with all sorts of superhero treats


Hubby and I decided to bring some of our southern style to the Midwest with a spiderman pinata.  Even though it was an adventure bringing that on a plane all the way from Texas, it was worth it! The kids absolutely loved this!

IMG_9667The dessert table featured a custom made batman themed cake. Not only did it look awesome, but it tasted soooo good! Sis-in-law purchased a galvanized tub for sodas, water and juice boxes for the kids.

popcorn bar          IMG_9517

As an extra treat, we had a popcorn bar on the dessert table. We were able to display the popcorn cartons on a 3-tiered galvanized stand (one of my FAVORITE new purchases).

panoIt may not have been the pool party we expected, but I can guarantee that the kiddos had a fabulous time at this fabulous superhero soiree! Hopefully we can avoid the rain next year  =)

                                                                                                                                                                             xoxo- Fify